The Roasted Yam Palaver

Image: WuzupNigeria
So this post stems from a friend’s WhatsApp status which read “I hate when people feel bad and embarrassed by unnecessary things. Not everyone is fortunate to have nice stuffs, if I come to your house and you don’t have chairs, I don’t care, I will sit on the floor, if you ain’t got food, we’d soak that garri. Let’s just live and be happy together”.
I went to Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU) in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. I honestly had good times in that School contrary to the opinion of some people I knew before I got admission into the school and I am very glad I went there. I would gladly tell you I have a Bachelor’s Degree from OOU rather than mention my Masters Degree from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.
So I usually relate or play with the indigenes that stay around my hall back then in school, I buy stuff from them (like I have a choice) and help their kids with school work if the need arose. There was this particular family I buy stuff like water, bread, Coca Cola, biscuits etc from and I really liked them because despite being a polygamous family, they lived in peace and harmony and then I could pop in at their house anytime I needed to buy stuff no matter how late.
There was this lady I was eyeing from Philosophy Department back then and before I go further, I slacked on this one AGAIN, but hey this is life, you win some you lose some but no regrets. This lady came visiting and we saw a movie together; The Godfather (Part 1, I had seen it a few times before this day, so I would never have forgotten it was the flick we saw. I have seen it 3 more times after then. It sure is a classic. After watching we decided to gist for a bit before I saw her off to her hall.
When we were leaving I saw one of the kids of the indigenes I used to relate with eating roasted yam and stew and I asked if she wasn’t going to offer me some, before I could finish my sentence she asked that I joined her. I asked my friend to please excuse me that I wanted to have a piece of what my little friend was eating. I walked up to her and had a slice of yam, I didn’t know my company was already walking away. I had to run to catch up with her and when I did I apologized because it was obvious she was upset. She didn’t say anything and kept walking. We got to her hall and she didn’t let me in. I didn’t say anything and left.
Moments later I got an SMS from her saying how could I eat with an indigene. I was shocked and tried calling her to explain to her but she kept rejecting the call.
Since that day in 2007 till date I have not heard from or seen this lady. Please where did I go wrong?


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