The Mayor of Dustbin Estate


I have known this pretty lady from my Secondary School days and then I thought she was just a pretty face nothing more. We didn’t get talking till after 2 years and that was when we were in Junior Secondary School 3 (J.S.S 3). Yes I was shy like that and trust me she was the one who attempted to be friends with me (no bragging, it is who she is). I always get endeared to people like that. We finished high school and our paths crossed often, she was a classic people person always checking up on people. We eventually went to the same University and this was where my respect for her grew tremendously. She was always talking about helping the less privileged and that she would start up a foundation that would help spread love to the streets.

It wasn’t long after she graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo Univeristy, Ogun State that she birthed the charity foundation called Love On The Streets (LOTS), where the major aim of the foundation is to get every child off the street by feeding them and ensuring they got proper education. This is the most selfless act ever in my books, maybe it is because of my love for kids. I have tried to support Tolu in my little way but never visited her base of operation which is popularly known as Dustbin Estate. To mark my late mum’s birthday in December 2012 I called Tolu up to find out how I could visit Dustbin Estate which is located at Awodi-Ora area of Ajegunle. I did not recollect ever going to Ajegunle before in my life before that day in December.

I got there and I couldn’t believe my eyes, people practically leaving on refuse, making shelter with wood. She took me round the whole of the Dustbin Estate and I couldn’t help but shake my head feeling the pains of the residents. That particular year I visited the Estate, Tolulope Sangosanya fed 150 families for Christmas and took kids to Shoprite for them to feel loved and let them know there’s a bright future ahead.

Her Current Projects with the LOTS Foundation

  • Christmas for every family: this is essentially is about feeding families in the Dustbin Estate during Christmas period
  • Christmas Hamper for every child: this includes getting basic school supply, multivitamins and basic toiletries for the kids for the next academic session
  • Literacy is a right not a privilege: boosting literacy, aiding kids to be able to read and write
  • Child welfare: this project essentially relies on donations in cash/kind so children can eat at least 3 balanced diet on a weekly basis
  • Clean water and sanitation: the community lacks clean water, toilets and the aim of this project is to fix water pumps, toilets and bathrooms to accommodate the population of the community
  • Get involved: this is a way of telling individuals/corporate bodies and what have you to volunteer or get involved in supporting the cause.

At the time I visited she mentioned she wanted to build like a Low Cost Housing Estate and ensure the Dustbin Estate is always in good shape.
On a personal note this young lady’s biggest achievement is (still ongoing) ensuring the kids in this Estate are educated one way or the other. I call her my elder sister of 11 days because she was born December 18th and me December 29th (same year).
Keep up the good work Mama Sango, the good LORD will continually bless your efforts and reward you accordingly.

For donations or sponsorship please reach out via the details below:

Address:                              LOTS Resource Center

                                           Flat 1, Emmanuel Villa

                                           No. 48, Odofin Akinsanya Street

                                           Off Mechanic Bus Stop, Awodi-Ora,

                                           Ajeromi Ifelodun L.G.A, Apapa Lagos,


                                           Office hours (9am – 4pm)


Twitter:                                     @dustbinestate

Instagram:                                @toludustbinestate

Email:                            or

Mobile:                                   234-8023826171

 Account Details:               LOTS Charity Foundation, 0013502376 (GT Bank)

Please guys help support this cause. GOD Bless you all immensely.


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