The Crush


Ok this has to be the strangest crush story ever. I mean how do you admire someone from a distance for about 28 years and you probably only said hello once (which she initiated)? It would have been better if it was a celebrity crush but hey you went to Primary School with this girl.

This is the story of a very shy guy who had his eyes on a stunner back in his Primary school days. Itunu was (still is according to the guy) a drop dead gorgeous girl, chocolate skinned and slim and in Falz the Bahd Guy’s voice *I like that chocolate skin with caramel topping*. So he saw this beautiful girl everyday and three times on Friday for 5 years and no hello or high or even lie that she had a stain on her uniform the whole time. Jeez I am livid as I write this but hey there’s always a weird story out there (pardon my English).

The girl gained admission into Secondary School from Primary 5 leaving the young lad a year earlier than anticipated and to make matters worse his mum had told him he was going to a boarding school so there was no chance of a reunion. Then one of those days while on his way home he was fortunate to see her again, oh I forgot to mention her Secondary School and the Primary School share boundaries and I wonder why he never even went over to her school to say hello. Ok back to the gist, so he was lucky to have seen her again and he still did not say hello until she walked up to him and said AO how are you. Can you imagine ?

As if that was not enough, he didn’t see her for years and should have been grateful for stumbling into her when she came to his University with her younger brother to pay for her brother’s school fees and yes you guessed right he didn’t man up to say hello. I thought it was meant to be third time the charm?

The story isn’t interesting to me sef anymore and you know why? He saw her again in church one Sunday (15th May, 2016) and you need not guess anymore he didn’t say hello, as a matter of fact he left before service was over for no reason and the dude still had the effontery to say she was still looking as stunning as ever and that he did not see a ring on her finger (yea that finger).


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