The Bottle Has Been Found


If you remember, I have been looking for a bottle of  Vodka (click link) since 2011. So I was hanging out with one of the big brothers a couple of weeks back and I met a colleague of his who apparently had been a follower of the blog way before we met or even before she and big bro became colleagues.

So she asked why I stopped writing, I was shocked because I write at every chance I get and so I responded by saying I never stopped writing, maybe there were a few breaks here and there but I was never out of the game (see me sounding like a bad guy). She was like I stopped writing. I made reference to my recent article at the time which was on the annihilation of my beloved Manchester United in the hands of West Ham United and that I have even cultivated the habit of putting out posts on football almost every week. Her response wasn’t strange, she said who is talking about your football stories. I got the message, I had not penned a personal inventory in a long while. No excuse though, I have stories but not being able to get myself together to write anything.

I am guessing you are done reading the Vodka link above? I figured. So sorry to have taken you years back. Story of my life. So I closed late one night and was going to crash and if you guessed it was at big bro’s place you were right. I thought he was even snoozing and when I was about to lay myself down to sleep I heard a gentle knock on the door and I didn’t even bother to ask who was at the door, I just opened and turned to return to my bed after mumbling an inaudible good evening. The word ‘Take’ stopped me in my tracks and when I looked to see what it was, it was a bottle of Raspberri Vodka.

The Bottle

Sometimes he doesn’t speak much and in the state I was I just wanted to sleep but something kept pricking me to ask why I am getting a whole bottle of Vodka to myself because my birthday was still in December and this was early October. He just said someone told him to tell me the bottle of Vodka I have been looking for since November 7, 2011 has been found. I did not understand at first. Then it clicked to me that his colleague had read the article of my missing Vodka and she was the one who sent the bottle over.

A big thank you to her, I really appreciate being appreciated. Yeah some people would be like it’s alcohol I am talking about like this.

I have refused to open the bottle but I have been looking at it every morning and before I go to bed. I will be opening it soon though, I don’t trust myself to let it go past this weekend.

Thanks for your time guys. BLESS!!!


  1. You had better keep up with writing stuff outside of football……
    Not saying you should stop your football stories too though….

  2. If United gets a point against Chelsea, I’ll drive down to have a drink with you. Thanks for distracting me from the madness of two and half idiots on NJP

    • Hahahaha, we ain’t losing to Chelsea so I am bracing myself for the drink(s) and I would love catfish pepper soup to go with it. lol @ the distraction. Thanks for reading

  3. You have to keep writing more stories like this and not only football because am always looking forward to it because the are interesting


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