Slaying to success… Diary of a restless blogger


I really don’t have time for long talks today, you know why? Even if you don’t know you can’t beat me, but I’m polite like that so I’ll tell you, my babies are in Russia, I want to win trivia Qs & As on #247Jobs at the end of the World Cup so I’m not even playing with as many games as possible that I can watch. As I write this, one of my age long crushes has broken the hearts of many Africans, it’s mixed feelings for me, a Cristiano Ronaldo goal is always a welcome development for me, but against Morocco, I don’t even know. So last weekend my babies played Croatia and didn’t win, well we didn’t lose the game, we just didn’t have enough time, but did you see the training entry? Did you see how my boys slayed to the pitch? In that mesmerizing forest green jacket, it was pure beauty to the eye, that brings me to the point of creativity and value offerings, someone created that traditional concept with bespoke vogue feel, the whole world caught wind of the rave and we have already been awarded the fashion World Cup trophy, stand up for the champions people, or you want to tell me you didn’t see the tons of celebrities that have been wearing the jerseys?

Eh ehn, I should say something about the many enemies of progress around, why do we like slandering our own stars all in the name of getting retweets and likes on our filthy posts? Nigerian Goalkeeper, Uzoho was under the spotlight earlier in the week when a good for nothing muppet of a blogger carried a shameless post of his son celebrating 17th birthday, yes his face looks old, but how did John Terry of England look 10 years ago? How does Diego Costa look? How come you lots celebrate these foreigners and slander your own? In case you don’t know, Uzoho was part of the victorious Under 17 squad that did us proud as a 14year old five years ago and his pictures made the rounds in the group then as the youngest, how come you lots have forgotten? You forgot there’s something called MRI scan for age grade teams now? Where you can’t scale through if you’re too old for the cadre? Get a life and find something positive to do with your negative energy, if you’re angry at someone’s success, you’re a lowkey witch and you need deliverance, don’t talk to me I’m angry.


Finally, yes Nigeria didn’t win the opening game but we’re not out, we’ll beat Iceland and Argentina and qualify for next round, if you don’t believe just walk okay, leave us alone for heaven’s sake. You can’t be famzing our beautiful stripes and be attacking us on the field, you want to support Senegal because they won one game? Good luck to you, you want to support Brazil who couldn’t beat Switzerland? Bye, mark my words, I can bet my boyfriend on this that Nigeria will beat Iceland, though those albino boys are fierce, ah! But iz nothing, we will beat them, I trust my boys, we’re not just there for fashion… we’re slaying to victory.


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