Omowunmi Ju Gold Lo……………………………… Truly worth more than GOLD


I need a life. I want a life. I need help. I don’t know myself. I have not been the same since your death . How I miss you so much. That golden smile that always lit up my world. It’s still hard for me to believe you are gone for good. My heart still tells me you just travelled to rest for a bit and you would be back soon. I miss that lovely spaghetti you make. I miss that opportunity to chant Jugold again and again (a nickname your boys gave you) whenever I am around you. I remember when you bought me my first Manchester United jersey in August 2003. I still have it. You bought me 6 Manchester United jerseys in all. I miss fighting for your attention with your grandson Oluwatobiloba. I miss our little fights about me being rude to my elder brothers. You brought us up well. I remember when you always scolded me for not brushing my teeth well because you were a dental therapist. Anytime I see a toothbrush you come to my mind. The fact is, I have never bought a toothbrush from birth till date. I still have more than enough to last 3 more years. It felt weird buying under wears; you always had it covered for me. You are the reason I can shine my tiny teeth, after you got me to use braces for my pointed teeth. I remember our little argument about a certain girl I dated, because you loved the one just before her, you told me not to introduce any other girl to you. My best birthday gift ever was when you showed up that very morning on the 29th of December, 2010 in Aberdeen. I was close to tears. You left Aberdeen for the US on the 5th of January, 2011 and I would have argued with anyone that it would be the last day we were going to see. You spoilt me with so much love and I am glad for the sons you had before me. They have been there since you and dad left. You were more than a mother. You were a brother, a friend (because we watched Manchester United play together sometimes), you were also a sister. It’s been a year since you left your baby boy. I love and miss you to bits my darling angel, Omowunmi Adedolapo and I can only hope you and dad are resting in the bosom of the Almighty smiling over your boys. Sun re iya rere……


  1. Dipo nah! You just made me cry this night. May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Awwww! Granma Ogun I miss u so much and I miss all ur gifts as well. I know you are in a better place. Don’t even know wat to type again! Hmmmmmmmmmm. Tears drop

  2. I heard tales of how my uncle’s sister-in-law who happens to be ‘Jugold’ help my mum facilitate ante-natal and child delivery @ LUTH. It’s a single gesture my family still cherish till today…i remember sending her a friend request on Facebook and how she’ll ask after everyone of us…May light perpetual continue to shine on her…we’ll meet again some glad morning when this life is over.

  3. U turned out rite, dat u should be glad of and am very sure she is proud about! U’ll meet 2 part no more some day!

  4. Dips love, may God soothe and feel the void even as you have great memories of Aunty. It’s all good sweetness, it’s all good!

  5. Wow! Smiles on my face and i feel like it shouldn’t end. How u managed to pull out tears I don’t knw. U can be sure she is looking down on u guys n smiling.
    Nice piece Dipo. May her gentle soul continue to rest well

  6. Dipo Omo mummy!I carry ur heart in my heart,the the art of losing sm1 dearest 2 u myt luk lyk a disaster.accept d fluster.n move on.GOD knws best.May jugold continue 2 Rest in d bossom of hrt brov!

  7. Omowunmi Jugold loooooooooooo jaburata! I can’t but not leave my comment on this masterpiece; Gran’ma! I love u to bits, so many fond and cherish moments of u still and will always linger on in my heart where u always live. Don’t even know where to start from, is it from giving amount equivalent to our age on our birthdays to every 27th of dec, when you came home last, even as sick and weak as u were, u still asked and kept tabs on me. Truly we all won’t heal from your loss.Omowunmi Adedolapo Ogun a truly unique soul and I’m proud to have been ur son . Good night mum, we love u but God loves u mum and pls cont to give us ur killer smile.

  8. I believe they both went to rest in the bossom of the Lord.Grandma was not only a mother but a motivator.I remember all your words and your prayers oon me.I am speechless because I don’t want to still believe that you are gone.You will always remain evergreen in my heart.Dipo you made my heart heavy.Jugold and Boysie rest in Peace.

  9. Rest in Peace Our dearest Granma…I met you just once and I really wish I got d chance to spend more time with you before you left us…Ill always remember the way ur smile made ur face light up,I fell in love with it and with you immediately…Thank U for bringing up awesome sons and giving me my Dee (He misses you sooo! And I knw he’s struggling everyday to come to terms with loosing you)..I know ure in a better place smiling down on us all…We love you but God loves you more.

  10. A year ago…. feels like yesterday. You were a blessing to so many and a true example of a mother. Continue to rest in peace Mummy Ogun, Love you.

  11. That’s my boy!! I know right now their pride in you waxes stronger as they see the man you become everyday..they live on in you and the Ogun boys..keep you head up son..annd make ’em proud..I doff my hat those two great people who brought you into the world..I know they are always with you son.sleep on Mr and Mrs Ogun..we love you GBABE!!

  12. I love dis piece!
    d 1st couple of months i met dip,he wud talk all day abt his mum & I found dat endearing but annoyingly sweet.
    Meeting her personally was a delightsome experience..her smile was like sun dt permeates,she had profound love 4life&extended same 2al she came in contact with esp. youths.
    I rmbr d 1st time i met her,i was treatd wit a palatable meal{Semo&Ogbonno},at first,i felt a lil awkward 2eat such a huge morsel at my 1st visit,but i was quick 2realise dt wt grama,u needd not 2b prim&proper becos she wud av loved u regardless..she did everythn she cud 2 make sure i didnt stain d white shirt i wore.
    I rmbr alwaz sayin whoeva dipo marries wl av 2b Ok 2b d 2nd fiddle..cos he alrdy has 98% of his luv 4 mum, wife wl av 2cmpete 4d remaining fraction; but who wont b pleased 2av even a scintilla of such love,cos its assuring his wife wud b treated as a queen as well(lucky BEE! winks)
    Truth b told,dat is one irreplaceable jewel lost&i cud go on relishing her memory but her impact remains indelible.


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