Mum’s Sport is BACK!!!


So I have been asked to live again and I mean live outside of football. So I was listening to Sports Express as always, been a big fan since the 2002 Nations Cup and they were discussing Netball. The only thing that rang a bell in my head was that it was a sport my mum used to play as a chic, yes my mum was a chic till death. Then it was time for the best sports show on the planet, Sports Zone and na this Netball matter. Apparently a friend too was listening and asked we go watch it.

Well she ended up bullying me into going though the thought of mumsy played a big part. Now Netball is not a regular sport if you asked me but it’s quite interesting and it is a sport I believe is strictly for ladies as I have never heard of a male Netball tournament, but a friend once told me there are Netball tourneys where the genders are mixed i.e a team comprised of both men and women. Each team comprise of 7 players; GoalKeeper(GK) and yes you read that right, Goal Defence (GD), Wing Defence (WD), Center (C), Wing Attack (WA), Goal Attack (GA) and Goal Shooter(GS).
Netball seem to be extinct in Nigeria (I maybe wrong) but the Bringing Netball Back (BNB) is a group of Nigerian Netball players and I want to be believe their aim is to make the sport a mainstay in the country. The group had played a friendly tie with Ghanaian side Rising Stars. They lost the tie and decided to invite the Ghanaian side to Nigeria for a some sort of a return tie. So as I stated earlier, I got wind of the game on radio and my friend asked we go see it even though the plan was to rest all Saturday. I have been told to live again, what’s the worst that could have happened? I won’t enjoy it right? We MOVE.
A cross section of fans at the game
It was not only a very interesting game despite the Bringing Netball Back girls losing to their Ghanaian counterparts 33:25, I was also able to reconnect with a couple of friends and I officially met with one of Naija’s ace broadcasters, JF.
Myself and my guy from way back Walenchi XL
Joseph Faulkner of Lagos Talks 91.3
The Rising Stars deserved the win, though smaller, they were quicker with the ball but with time the BNB will be a force to reckon with and oh their GS is tall and cute *covers eye*
The rest of the day was fantastic to be honest despite it being simple, I enjoyed every bit of it.
Now the disclaimer, this is my personal view about Netball, you can find out about the sport yourself. Again it is an interesting SPORT !!!



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