My Tailor


A few months back I gave my tailor some fabrics to sew, native precisely as we call it in this part of town. He told me it would take a week for him to finish all 5 of them. I had no issues with the delivery date as there was no urgent need for the clothes. Luckily for me he gave our security guard the clothes a day before it was due. You will find out why I used the phrase “Luckily for me”. The security guard didn’t hand the clothes to me until about 2 days after they were given to him. When I got the clothes I went to the tailor’s so I could give him his balance but I didn’t find him at his shed. Yes shed, my tailor isn’t a big boy like that but trust me he’s good, very good. Anyways moving on, I checked back the next day and still didn’t find him.

Alas I saw him 3 days later and asked him where he had been only for him to tell me he was robbed of some clothes when he was asleep under his shed. A large Ghana Must Go bag was moved right under his nose. The stuff he was making for a dude that was getting married that weekend too was in the bag . Every new job he got was gone. You see why I used the phrase “Luckily for Me”? My clothes would have also disappeared if they weren’t ready before due day.  I asked if he went to the Police Station and he said he did. He was asked to write a statement and after he was done with the statement he was asked who he suspected. His response was he didn’t suspect anybody and that nobody came to mind.

His next sentence shocked me. He told me the Police said if he didn’t suspect anybody then he himself is the number one suspect. As in I have never heard such before. They told him he had to bail himself and he was like he had no more money on him that he had already given them all he had before he wrote the statement. They were having none of it. He told them he wanted to call his lawyer and they agreed. His lawyer came to his rescue and bailed him, for free at that.

He hasn’t found the bag till date and I am wondering was there a point of him reporting the case to the Police in the first place? No effort whatsoever to help find the bag. I digress. My tailor might have been careless no doubt but hey these things happen.
Thanks for your time people and may the ALMIGHTY continually keep us in good health and wealth (Amen). Have a fabolous week ahead.

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