My First Experience


He told me it would be fun, to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it until she said Dipo you will love it. I still didn’t believe despite being cajoled by a lady. I came up with a flimsy excuse of baby sitting Fifi because her parents had an event later that day. She came back to me to tell me I would really enjoy it since it would be my first EXPERIENCE. Get your mind out of the gutter I was talking the Christian Gospel program hosted yearly by Pastor Paul Adefarasin tagged Experience. He brings in foreign gospel artistes and blends them with our local gospel acts. This year (2013) had Donnie McClurkin, Don Moen, Cece Winans, Tye Tribbert, Yolanda Adams, Micah Stampley as some of the foreign acts while my best Naija gospel artiste Eben, Frank Edwards (for a second I thought he wasn’t Nigerian until he performed), Midnight Crew, Sammie Okposo, Kingsley Ike, Mike Aremu and a few others were the Nigerian performers lined up for the event. So sad my Lara George didn’t make it this time (I love her so much).

After about an hour, I gave in. I decided to tell SO & Bimps who tried to convince me earlier that I would go for the Experience with them. Been a while I had gone out all night so I was so sure of snoozing. We left from the office at about 6.30pm and got to TBS before 7pm. 4 of us apparently left from the office. SO,Temz, Bimps & myself but we met one of Bimps’ friend on our way in. We bought, gum, hankies, drinks and snacks when we got there so we wouldn’t need to step out of TBS till we were ready to leave (we thought wrong).

The event didn’t start till like past 8pm I think but the place was packed, as in it felt like the whole of Lagos was there at the time. I can’t remember who performed first that night but I must say I was wowed by the performances on the night. At about 1am hunger struck again so myself and SO decided to walk down to City Mall to get sharwama for the crew. It was funny seeing boys block girls (toast babes) while in such a gathering but who am I to judge? We got our sharwama and walked back to our seat. It was fun I must confess and I will make sure I attend this year’s Experience even though my wallet was stolen. We were also entertained by some girls that sat in the row ahead of ours. They were really showing us steps I had seen only on TV. Not that we didn’t dance too though and yes I snoozed a bit.

My top performers on the night were Donnie McClurkin (this man has mad energy) and he even sang a local song with Frank Edwards, Don Moen was pure class, Eben didn’t disappoint too as he sang my song of the night (IMARAMMA). Cece Winans killed the show (she got me standing throughout her performance), Midnight crew were on on point and Tye Tribbet? He was simply amazing and he even sang a song that really touched me (if he did it before). We left before the show was over though so we didn’t listen to Mike Aremu & the rest perform. Truth be told at that point we were just waiting for Donnie McClurkin to perform so we could leave.

Thumbs up to Pastor Adefarasin for always bringing these people to town.

Thanks for your time as always guys. I hope I have been consistent enough? Love you peeps scatter and no babe has stepped up to be my baby mama o, lmao. Take care guys and remain BLESSED.
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