Introducing Jam Music


Yea I know my next post was meant to be the top 10 songs of the year 2013. I had to do this for a brother and a friend. Meanwhile it is going to be the top 13 songs of 2013 I would be posting and not 10 any more. Please bear with me.

Jam Music is the latest record label in town, founded by a close friend and brother, Bimbo Afolabi and his friend Nafike Malafa. I must say I wasn’t surprised when Bimbo told me he was starting a record label because his love for music is out of this world. Whenever we go out for drinks during our masters degree he always ensured we went to pubs that had karaoke machines so he could sing and yes he sings wonderfully well. He also is a member of the great Grace Assembly Church choir.

He has two top stars I wouldn’t be disclosing for now but he intends to recruit fresh or should I say raw talents and even upcoming acts or any interested person. If you are interested or know someone who is interested you can tell them they can win a record deal by doing a minute skit mentioning ‘Jam Music’ in it and uploading the skit on youtube or simply tweet the link to your skit to @jammsc. Winners stand a chance to win a 3 year contract with other pecks and international gigs and a surprise collaboration with big acts.

So there you have it guys, tell someone that’s knows someone to tell someone they stand a chance to win a record deal and other exciting goodies. This is the point where I wish I could sing or rap, chai.

Thanks for your time my wonderful peeps and watch out for my next post. Please follow @jammsc on twitter. Trust me, this is going to be the best record label in Naija……… #ThankMeLater.

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