INEC Had Nothing On My Saturday


Okay so on Saturday morning, I decided to go visit one of the surest people I have in this world with a friend. My sister, my cousin and friend but some of us fondly call her Baby Joe. Love you sis. Well let me not lie, it was her okro that prompted the visit. Now Baby Joe had this maid last year that would always tell Baby Joe to buzz me whenever she made okro. Truth be told acts like these touch my heart, as in I appreciate when people know what I like/love and history would always remember that ex-maid for good, lol.

Now another thing that moved me to tears was the love Baby Joe’s second child showed me on the day. I love kids #factsonly and that she always called my name touched me more. Monjees did not let me breathe and I mean that in the coolest way, love that girl to bits. So after the heavy meal of eba and okro, for the record I waited till past 12 noon before eating because I will start hearing laaro kutu kutu now.
Now to the crux of the gist, after the meal, I took to my favourite spot in the house, a 2-seater couch to lay down and catch the Brighton Hove and Albion versus Derby County game. I was watching the game because I had a Football Program later in the day so I needed all the gist I could get prior to the program. I was watching with Baby Joe’s hubby, well so I thought. The game wore on and in the 33rd minute Brighton got a goal and I heard goal just behind me. It was Baby Joe’s new maid, my friend too was moved when she heard see her mutter goal.
Now there’s nothing wrong with a lady loving football but a game between Brighton and Derby was not one I would have ever thought a lady would be interested in, I mean  95% of the men I know wouldn’t even sit to watch such a game, they would just find out how the game ended the next day, that’s if some of them remember the game was played.
I have taken interest in this lady and would love to pique her brain. I probably would go and watch the Manchester United versus Liverpool game at Baby Joe’s place next weekend because of this. If I could, I would invite her to the Radio Program some day.
The lady has just been added to the list of people I will never forget in this life. Herself and Monjees clearly made my Saturday as INEC decided to disappoint me or is it us.



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