Let me first apologize for the long break, sorry guys I should have gotten your consent before taking off. Love you loads.

I was having a chat with one of my close friends, someone I will consider a brother anytime any day. In the course of the chat he asked if I was impatient and I quickly responded ‘yes impatience is one of my vices’ and then he probed further saying do I think I am more impatient than he is/was adding that he had learnt a lot. My response could have come in as stupid but I said I can be very impatient but I always bottle it in. He was like how would one notice if I don’t show it. Simple, why show it when you can deal with it.
So I looked up the meaning of ‘IMPATIENCE’ (again after many years) in the dictionary and my favourite from the lot was “lack of patience; intolerance of or irritability with anything that impedes or delays” but please scratch the irritability part. I hate the word and would never use it on a fellow human.
How does one deal with Impatience? Simple be Patient or walk away.

Yea I know I have talked about this particular list before but that list was my best 5 songs ever, this one is my best 5 songs at the moment.  I have heard loads of songs in the past 10 months but this 5 I always put on repeat since the moment heard them. They might not all make my top 14 songs of the year come December but right now I am feeling them so much. Find the list below.

1. Loke Loke (Sean Tizzle ft 9ice): Lovely tune and possibly the best from Sean Tizzle’s “The Journey” album.  For those of you that think 9ice has lost it musically please find this song and listen to it. DarrisAll
2. Rich (M.I ft Koker): Chairman is not by any means the best album I have heard from the so called Mr. Incredible, I am not here to rate the album but a few tracks were really nice and this Rich song is one of them. Nice hook from Koker and the delivery from M.I wasn’t so bad.
3. Marry Me (Falz the Bad Guy ft Poe & Yemi Alade): I love Falz’ “Wazup Guy” album though I was hoping he would put ‘Shakara’ on the album. Marry Me is a good song and the guest artistes came through with good deliveries.
4. Shekpe (M.I ft Reminisce) : another tight jam from the Chairman album. And Reminisce? He killed the track as expected. I have frustrated my friends with this particular song because of the funny hook.
5. Murda (Seyi Shay ft PatoRanking & ShayDee) : not a big fan of all 3 artistes on this song but I really think its a nice song.
There you have it my best 5 songs at the moment.

These are my go to blogs/sites (asides my football sites) when I have the time.
1. Tomi Adesina’s : you guys should visit this blog. Nice fictional stories on the blog and she’s got a couple of e-books too. Thank Me Later.
2. Sally Dadzie’s : Oh my you will get blown away when you get to this site.
3. The Naked Convos’ : juicy stories always available over here.

Thanks people for your time as always. You I know I love you guys loads? STAY BLESSED!!!

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  1. I’m blown away that you chose me. I’m honored too and humbled.
    Thank you so, so much
    God bless you. And please don’t disappear again

  2. I am verrh impatient and learning really hard to control it. It been curbed a bit. And asfor your list of fave songs my dear the pnly song onthat list i can tolerate is murder . Anything that goes way back is a hit for me. To each his own darling! Nice one


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