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Like I said in my post on Elections it was a big task getting my Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and for this reason alone I decided I must cast my vote. Why go through the stress and just sit at home. I woke up at about 7.20am on Saturday 28 March, 2015 which was the day of the Presidential, Senatorial and Federal House of Assembly elections. I said my prayers, brushed my teeth and had my bath in preparation for the day. My Polling Unit (PU) was about 2km away from home which meant I would walk 8km to get accredited and vote. Who cared, the exercise would be worth it as long as the end result of the day was me casting my votes.

I left the house 8.05am for the PU to get accredited. There Soldiers and Policemen all around keeping peace in the area but shockingly I was or should I say I was nearly accosted by a drunken man who said “kilon worry e, e kan ga Sha” (what’s your problem, you are just tall Sha ), with fear gripping me I stepped aside a bit and added pace to my movement. The guy walked away when he saw the cops drive by.

I got to my PU where accreditation had started and it seemed to be going well until a lady’s finger print couldn’t be read by the card reader. It later worked and guess what yours truly’s finger prints couldn’t be read too, I tried it like 4 more times and threatened to leave but deep inside me I couldn’t, I ┬áneeded to vote and I wasn’t going to give up now. I used spirit to clean my hand, it didn’t work, washed my hands but nothing changed. I was asked to go and eat (lol) and I responded saying its LENT season, the woman just laughed. I was finally accredited after about 30mins of waiting. I headed home to rest for the main event (Voting) which was to commence at 1.30pm.

I left home at 1.15pm to go and vote and on getting there the queue was long, the sun was hot scorching and at 1.45pm the voting had not started. Voting finally commenced at 2.16pm with the coordinators telling us 152 of us were accredited. At some point a dude was sharing cold pure water to everyone on the queue. He offered me and I said no, he said se bottle water le fe ni (is it bottled water you want ) and I said no again. He walked away giving me side eye. I was fasting so I couldn’t accept it. I got to vote at about 2.55pm and I must say it was a very peaceful election in my zone.

So I participated in a National election for the first time in my life, I feel proud of myself and hopefully my first ever vote will count. I won’t tell you who I voted for because it’s still my secret. I must say a boring weekend it was for we football lovers, the elections held at the wrongest time. I know there were some friendly matches and Euro 2016 qualifiers but they will never match up to the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga et al. To make matters worse The Three Lions of England played on Saturday night.

Shout out to TA my darling friend who not only voted but also waited at her PU to monitor and count the votes to ensure there was no abracadabra. Bless you hon.
Thanks people and hope you guys also voted? GOD Bless Nigeria and everywhere else. Do have a fabulous week filled with the Blessings of the ALMIGHTY. BLESS !!!

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