A friend of mine from my Uni days sent this post to me. It’s his personal experience and he has asked me to share it with my peeps.
Homosexuality has being the main gist about town over the past few days since the bill was passed to law with different people having different opinions about it. So I bet you will know my stand after reading my story…… my experience.
2008 when I was having my youth service, I had an experience that made me admit that Homosexuality exists in our society. I was a Batch A corp member posted to a village in Ogoni land in Rivers State. Just like most corp member in my batch, I registered for the NIM programme and my study center was in Port Harcourt so I had to travel down every weekend for lectures. A few months later, some batch B guys joined us and one of them was a Port Harcourt (PH) based dude who owns a boutique which he claimed he can’t leave in anyone’s trust. This dude walked up to me, we chatted and he asked that I be his eyes in the school we were serving in… no biggie na, normal tin.
Just like in Lagos, there was(is) always sanitation exercise every last Saturday of every month. In order not to miss lectures I decided to crash in PH so I called this my guy and explained my situation to him and he gladly asked me to come over sending his address to me via SMS. It was not difficult locating his boutique on Elekahia road; we spent some time there and closed at about 9pm. His house (a self contain) was not far from the shop so we just strolled home and on getting there, he introduced me to a friend of his. I noticed this guy was acting and talking girl-ish, I just shrugged it off and settled with the bowl of eba and egusi the guy prepared. My guy discharged his friend and he promised to be back early the following morning.
Normal guy parole sharply I tucked my side bag somewhere, and stripped down to my boxers short and t-shirt…I was feeling relaxed. We were both on his bed and gisting into the night about so many things; growing up, school life, games we guys play, career, views about NYSC etc. Few minutes to mid night, I noticed this guy was trying to pull me closer, run his hands all over me, and murmuring some words I could not hear and a lot more. I felt my heart skipping beats, I was startled and I am sure he could feel my body shaking too…a whole lot running through my mind in a split second, feeling another man’s beards next to my cheeks, how do I escape as the apartment has a burglary proof already locked, do I shout for help? What if this gets into a fight or struggle how do I escape? My b*tt hole!!! *sobs*
So I summoned courage, asked him to chill so as to get myself together. I got off the bed and was fumbling with my phone. At about 12:02am I started my mid night call ritual (was more of a normal thing by then as that was how we kept abreast with the civilised world in that village). I talked for hours and before I knew it, I could hear him snore. Faster than Usain Bolt could be, I raced to pick my jean, wore it and belted so hard that I could feel it hurting my tummy. I lay on the rug, could not close my eyes and didn’t have my bath in the morning also; I only washed my face and brushed my teeth (fear of not being busted in the bathroom). The other guy came just few minutes after 6am and I just used that opportunity to leave, at least before sanitation started at 7am. The whole event was on repeat in my memory all through that day….myself and this guy hardly talked afterwards.
Maybe we see this act as a disease in this part of the world as we stigmatise whoever is presumed to be gay/lesbian, won’t blame anyone who try not to associate with homosexuals as we are presumed to have high morals and cultural values but the truth is Homosexuals live amongst us. Maybe we will tolerate them over time but to me it becomes a crime when you try to harass/force/impose your own sexual orientation on others, just like that friend of mine tried to do with me. This can be likened to “Rape” and since this inhuman act is punishable under the laws of our country, I see no reason why homosexuals who harass people of different sexual orientation should not be punished too.
I don’t really care about what anyone does in the confines of his room/house but it’s an eye sore seeing 2 men/women expressing sexual desires in public places and that’s why I am in support of the “Anti Gay law” but again we need to thread this ground carefully, my opinion is that we prosecute those who express this act publicly and those who harass or force other people of different sexual orientation into mating with them….thats RAPE, not that we witch hunt anyone for our own gain.
Thanks for taking out time to read this, comments well appreciated.


  1. Interesting post, that’s for sure. But girls also get raped too, don’t they? Heterosexual couples express affection in public don’t they? Why infringe on the rights of people because you don’t agree with their lifestyle? Aren’t they free to express themselves?
    Many girls have have had this experience and still do.. It is obviously traumatic and it is attempted rape.
    But we shouldn’t let our moral inclinations influence policies that affect others. Morality is a private thing. We cannot afford to make a moral issue a social one. It sets a dangerous precedent.

    • In my opinion, homosexuality is an offence before God. It’s that simple. The reason why it is becoming an issue in many countries in terms of enactment of laws is probably to tackle the issue of ‘where there is no law, there is no sin’. It is a sin and should not be massaged, cooed or cajoled. But just like I would say about any sin/crime, jungle justice is unjustifiable as a means of solving this. Enacting laws does not amount to jungle justice. If you’re LGBT, the best thing is to recognize that this land does not want you. Feel free to move where you feel you can be tolerated, but God in heaven knows your beginning and is not mocked. You are in His hands.

    • Oh yes, please morality is NOT a private thing. That’s the lie the devil sold (and is still selling) to many people, tricking them into thinking that ‘what I do is my business’. Okay, Robin Hood had his sense of morality, so did Mandela, Gandhi, etc. Their morality and results of it is what we now remember them for. Morality is not a private matter, it is that concept that is now tearing at the fabric of society. Maybe what you meant to say is ‘amorality’ but I may be wrong.

      • I’m sorry but I disagree.. you cite Mandela and Gandhi.. I’ll argue that their philosophies on how we interact with our fellow human beings is what set them apart and that’s why we know them today. Laws should be made on how man interacts with and infringes on the rights of others, not on morality. You’re free to believe what you believe..why can’t they? Aren’t they free to believe in the devil? Will you chase them out for being devil worshippers too?

  2. Hahahhaha. Them for tear ur yansh na hahahhaha. Dipo u sure say the guy tear ur yansh hahahhaha. I don get that kind experience sef o. Thunder fire em. Make them go rot for hell enough said.

  3. Hi Dipo, wen we were in J.S 3, same happened 2 me wit a male teacher, slpt @ his house & exactly wot happened 2 ur frnd happened 2 me too, its ws a night B4 midterm break, 2nd term & my take on homosexuality is dis; until i C a male goat running afta a male goat 4 sex, until i C a cock running afta a cock 4 sex, until i C a male dog runnin afta a male dog 4 sex, dat is wen i wil know homo sexuality is normal…..

  4. In addition 2 my comments above, 6 of us slpt in his house dat nyt, I slpt last, i tink dat ws d reason i became d target dat nyt…..


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