Germany: The Kings of Football


The World Cup is finally over and I am sure some wives, girlfriends, companions etc would be so glad about this development but hey calm your nerves the EPL starts in about a month, so ladies enjoy the break while it lasts. The biggest football tournament on the planet climaxed with the best team (Germany) by miles winning the highly coveted trophy. The tournament as we all know was hosted by Brazil and history had it before yesterday’s final that no European country had won it on South American soil before but if you look at it deeply, how many World Cups had been hosted in South America? Just four before yesterday. Uruguay beat both Argentina and Brazil in 1930 (hosted by Uruguay) and 1950 (Brazil were hosts) respectively, Brazil beat Czechoslovakia in 1958 (held in Chile) and Argentina triumphed over Netherlands in 1978 on their home soil. The Germans have now broken the South American jinx for Europe.
Germany were favourites for the tournament and quite rightly so, as a matter of fact it’s standard practice to say so. Before Brazil 2014 Germany had played in three straight semifinals and they have now played the most amount of World Cup games (106), playing two more than Brazil (104). The Mannschaft of Germany were worthy winners of the tournament; an efficient side with a mix of young and experienced players. Can they be the new power house of World football? I can confidently say they have been a power house for a very long time and their patience finally paid off with this World Cup victory. The last time they won the trophy was in 1990 where they beat Argentina on Italian soil.
The Argentines were the weaker of the two finalists but they always did enough to win their matches, always doing it by the odd goal and I can proudly say the Super Eagles of Nigeria breached the Argentine defence the most scoring twice against the La Albiceleste in a 3-2 loss and if a certain object was not lined up for Nigeria I am sure the game would have ended in a draw at the worst. We all know who this object is. The Argentines made the Germans work for their victory as it took a 113th minute Mario Goetze goal to settle the tie.

Highlights of the Night

  • Gonzalo Higuain getting close to 800 million people on their feet after scoring from an offside position. Yes I was fooled too but I know the Germans and Damz didn’t flinch because it wasn’t one of their own that scored. Goal rightly disallowed.
  •  Looked like the referee was a bit biased, there were some Argentine challenges that deserved bookings but were ignored. He never hesitated in showing the Germans the card.
  •  Now how is Lionel Messi best player of the tournament? Really? Is this a way of FIFA confirming to the world that Messi is their boy? They said Messi created most chances (23), completed most dribbles (46), scored 4 goals and had an assist. Oh please, Arjen Robben or even James Rodriquez would have sufficed if the pool of German talents on display all through the tournament was difficult to pick from. What was the point of the Castrol Index Ranking? Messi was not even on the list and then we hear the media chooses the MVP and not FIFA.
  •  Mario Gotze, my man. I loved that he had thoughts of his hommie Markus Reus (missed the tournament through injury) with him. It was noble of him carrying a German jersey with Reus written behind it after the game.
  • All the beautiful wives, girlfriends and companions of the German players that graced the pitched after the game. Little wonder why Mesut Ozil didn’t fast #OkBye.

The World Cup is over but we footy buffs can keep ourselves busy with transfer gossips and authentic transfer news as we brace ourselves for the new European season kicking off in about a month’s time.
Before I go I must give a shout out to you guys that read my World Cup Previews, Reviews, Predictions and general football gist. I will also mention these guys that made watching and gisting footy fun, my hommies from my chatroom “The Naija Pundits”, my brothers Babs and Damz, my man SO, Ehis, a whole lot of my colleagues and even my boss.
In my prediction game (remember it has nothing to do with gambling and you can check to verify this) I was third globally with just a point behind first and second. I take blame for being third and not first because I put up some predictions based on sentiments. England caused it and the Argentines too.
One phrase to FIFA? Blatter must GO.
Bye Bye Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 we await you.
Thanks for your time and have a wonderful week filled with blessings from the ALMIGHTY.

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  1. Am stil angry wit dat Golden ball decision, Statistically sef, Muller shud B d winner, more goals & assists dan Robben & Messi, Maradona also said Messi does nt deserve d award


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