Day 98 of 365: It was DMX all DAY!!!


I have been seriously been thinking about DMX since it was reported that he overdosed on drugs and now on life support. I had a conversation with a colleague when she suddenly just asked that what is my own with this DMX guy. I shouted ahhhh before I could respond.

I told her DMX was my favourite rapper for a long time, in the late 90s till the mid 2000s. His albums were top notch especially his first five albums, I started talking about some of his movies before she said oya stop it’s okay. I had to go back to my desk and plugged my earpiece into my laptop and played all the DMX albums I had in it till Close of Play.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Divine Master of the Unknown aka Dark Man X. Its really bad to be in a vegetative state but miracles do happen.



  1. Amen n speedy recovery oh with this one I read say coro too come show face for him matter.

    D question is y overdose on drugs
    Well I guess same way we overbooze is same way sm na drugs

    Its well


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