Day 94 of 365: 3 painful Manchester United EXITS.


Manchester United have had fantastic players in their ranks and if you asked me Wayne Rooney has been the best of the lot. However his parting ways with the club wasn’t painful because he had served the club pretty well and he sure needed to move on as age was not on his side even though he still played about 4 years of quality football for his boyhood club Everton, D.C United in the United States and Derby County in the English Championship, a team he currently manages.

There are 3 players who’s departure from the team pained me and they are:

1. David Beckham: he fell out with the gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson. You don’t fall out with Sir Alex, you are definitely a goner. He moved to Real Madrid in 2003/04 season.

2. Phil Neville: it was quite understandable, he needed to play regularly so he had to leave. I always loved watching him against Arsenal though, when he was still at United.

3. Roy Keane: issues with Sir Alex Ferguson’s assistant, Carlos Queiroz led to Roy Keane been released from his contract. Yeah maybe he was past his best and the injuries were getting too much but his experience and leadership attributes was always needed.

There you have it and all 3 players played together for Manchester United between 1992 and 2005.



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