Day 93 of 365: DMX


Earl Simmons aka DMX was in the Critical Care Unit in a New York hospital on Good Friday night. It was believed that he overdosed on drugs. Drug addiction has been something he’s been battling with for most of his life and word from the various sources have stated he’s in a critical state with one succinctly putting it as the Yonkers born rapper is in a vegetative state. Another source says its some brain activity (coma).

The rapper who’s first five albums topped the Billboard charts was one of the best at his craft and personally the best conscious rapper I have ever listened to. I still listened to his Grand Champ and It’s Dark and Hell is Hot albums 2 days ago and couldn’t help but worry about how his talent is seemingly being dumped in the archives.

I hope he survives this and hangs around in good health for a long time. Drug addiction is bad no doubt and it is very difficult to nip in the bud or curb.

Please don’t DO DRUGS.



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