Day 91 of 365: Missing Mum


So yeah I always mention my mum’s name on a daily basis but today was just different that I was almost late for work. I went through the stash of jerseys she got me back then so I could pick one for my work retreat this Easter because we might be playing football whilst we were there. In the process I saw her burial program and started reading tributes.

I shed a tear or maybe two looked at the time and saw it was past 7am. I rushed to have a bath and drove down to the office. En route work I kept thinking about her and thoughts of her just gave me that positive vibe that helped me get through the day.

I eventually thought against going with one of the jerseys she got me. You won’t want to hear that a grown man cried, especially if I now get to score a goal, LOL.

I miss you MUM!!!



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