Day 75 of 365: Top 21 songs produced by Swizz Beatz


Kaseem Dean aka Swizz Beatz is high up there amongst the best producers in the world, he’s apparently my favourite. I have loved him for a very long time, since the days of Ruff Ryders Anthem that friends in Secondary School had to start calling me Swizz.

He produced Ruff Ryders Anthem for DMX off his Its Dark and Hell is Hot album. Strange thing about this record was it was the last track that was worked on, on the album and it was mentioned in some quarters that DMX didn’t really like the beat. It went on to be the biggest song on the discography. It made the album so huge that I am sure everyone thought Swizz Beatz produced the entire album, but no it was just that song he worked on.

He was like the official producer for the Ruff Ryders clique and he also collaborated with other A-List artists. He also has 2 studio albums to his name; One Man Band Man (2007) and Poison (2018)

21 of my favourite Swizz Beatz produced songs:

1. Party Up (DMX). A track DMX did to diss Kurupt, the second verse in particular.

2. Jigga my N***a (Jay Z, off the Ruff Ryders Vol 1 album). This beat was meant for Swizz’ label mate Jadakiss but he passed on it according to Swizz. If you have heard the song before the part where you hear Jigga was meant to be Jada. Anyway it is not a far fetched fact that Jay Z has a good ear for solid beats or music.

3. Ruff Ryders Anthem (DMX)

4. Money, Cash, Hoes (Jay Z and DMX)

5. Love is Blind (Eve)

6. Tear the roof off (Busta Rhymes)

7. Upgrade You (Beyonce and Jay Z)

8. I’m a Hustla (Cassidy)

9. Hotel (Cassidy and R Kelly)

10. On to the next One (Jay Z and Swizz)

11. Down Bottom (Drag-on, Swizz and Juvenile)

12. Banned from TV (Noreaga, Big Pun, Nature, Cameron, Jadakiss and Styles P)

13. Things that you do (Jay Z and Mariah Carrey)

14. Get it on the floor (DMX and Swizz)

15. Memphis Bleek Is (Memphis Bleek)

16. Ain’t No Way (DMX)

17. Platinum Plus (Cross, Jermaine Dupri and Mase)

18. B-Boy Stance (Cassidy and Swizz)

19. Touch it (Busta Rhymes)

20. A’Yo Kato (DMX)

21. Keep your s**t the Hardest (DMX)

Swizz is a MONSTER!!!



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