Day 71 of 365: One of the scariest emails I have received


I served in one of the banks in the country and it was a very interesting learning curve for me. My favourite responsibilities during my time there was working on Customer Acquired Due Diligence (CADD) and booking Investment Instruments for customers and staff of the Bank.

So one day I was going over customer records that had their investments nearing maturity. I am supposed to make phone calls to notify them of the maturity of their investments and also ask if they wanted to roll it over, withdraw the interest or essentially not do anything.

After making calls with some of the customers not picking up, I decided to roll over their investment. It was the logical thing to do, they would continue to earn interests till they were willing to liquidate. After booking the investments I decided to mail my supervisor who had gone out for a meeting about what I had done.

I was snacking on chin chin and having a drink by my desk when his response came in. It shook me to the bones.

His mail read:

Hi Dipo,

That was a goof decision.



I lost my appetite immediately and got worried, only for him to send me another mail saying he was sorry and that he meant good decision. I was so relieved.




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