Day 59 of 365: Chinco Babe


Aberdeen was quite fun on some days for me during my Masters. There was this Chinese babe that we became close. We were in the same group for a couple of courseworks. During one of our group courseworks, which had 7 of us in the group, we all came with different snacks to munch on while we prepared our presentation and discussed how the transition would go.

The coursework had a funny title, well at the time it was funny. The course module was called Managing People and our presentation was tagged, “What is the fuss about Stress, Stress is actually good for you”. I mean how do you make sense of this, we did a good job apparently.

So my Chinese friend pointed at one of the chips she brought citing that she couldn’t eat it because it was too spicy, I bursted out in laughter before I remembered she was Chinese and that they hardly eat pepper or spicy stuff but this was processed chips it wasn’t that deep. I remember on my birthday, for every spoon of rice she had, she drank water.

When I feared and respected her the most was one night we were taking a walk with our other coursemates when one of them said men I would love one of these pointing at the Ralph Lauren Tee/Uniform which the ball girls and boys would be wearing at Wimbledon Open . Chinco smiled, then we walked past a Hugo Boss store and the same fella said he would love to shop there one day. Guess what Chinco said, Hugo Boss isn’t High End, I didn’t hear properly (I obviously did) and I asked her what she said and she repeated it.

I just walked ahead and entered a joint to grab a beer. No be me Chinco go tension, I know how much dem pay for tuition.



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