Day 58 of 365: Chicken Mayo Burger


One of my fondest memories of Aberdeen is going to the library with my gee Afo. I am not a library going kinda guy, I will rather do my coursework from home afterall most materials are sourced from the School’s online library. So you see, I was dragged, to be fair the library was cool and the ambience very pleasant.

So there’s no how we would head to the library without going through Aberdeen’s busiest Road, Union Street. We probably could have eaten at our respective apartments but we must always stop at McDonald’s to buy Mayo Burger before we got to the library. Nothing spectacular about the Burger and I still don’t know why Afo loved it, but he influenced me. It’s not the regular Burger size, it is pretty small and I don’t know if that’s how it is globally. It cost just 99 pence.

If I get to go to Aberdeen again, I will surely have that Mayo Burger again (if it still exists), missed having it.



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