Day 52 of 365: FPL ti ni ACCIDENT!!!


Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is unarguably the biggest fantasy football game played all over the globe with over 8 million participants. It is really fun especially when the team you have assembled is doing well.

A brief introduction, so you are given a £100M to spend on 15 players, it is limited to only the English Premier League and you can only buy 3 players at the most from a particular team. You gain points on how well these players you have acquired perform in real life.

You can create your own league and also join other leagues using an invitation code. I am currently in 6 leagues and I must say it has been a rough season so far. FPL is quite interesting especially with the banter before and after each game week.

This weekend was particularly bad for my team and I have given up hope of making it to the top 3 of any league I am currently a member of. My top performers this weekend are/were Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United (18 points as my captain) and Ruben Dias of Manchester City (6 points). Funny how both players play for the Manchester teams. We MOVE.

Have a lovely week ahead. CHEERS!!!


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