Day 43 of 365: Lists don’t work for ME!!!


Putting a budget on stuff I want to buy for the house is the biggest lie I tell myself everytime I decide to do it. I mean I always end up spending money I don’t have, you know what I mean. Lol. The bad thing is I will still miss something out even if I used a whole day to make the list.

The other day, I just said I wanted to get cereal, milk and kitchen roll. All of a sudden I remembered other stuff I would need and boom budget exceeded. It’s like that joke where you say you just want to take a stroll and fiam debit alert. Though I also got something that wasn’t particularly necessary; Schweppes (The Mojito Flavour). Ever since a special someone introduced me to that drink I have been searching for it.

Does making a list truly work? Is it possible for you to head into the store, supermarket, minimart or what have you and buy exactly only what you set out to buy without extras?

Till day 44 of 365. CHEERS!!!


  1. Same applies to me, wud buy list items n buy more esp wn u carry ur atm, na boom bazaar mkt b dat

    It will only work on carrying just d cash needed n no xtras


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