Day 39 of 365: The Jay Jay Okocha Ad


My friends always find it weird whenever I say I was never a fan of Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha. Well my friends from Secondary School know I was never a fan, yes I respect him and yes he could make the list of my top 10 best Nigerian footballers ever but he might just not get the nod if I was to compile my list of best 10 African footballers ever. Anyway that’s story for another day.

There is this Globacom advert where a boy was trying to connect Jay Jay with his father whom they grew up together. I don’t know why I always got all emotional and mushy whenever I saw the advert, yes I love kids and what the boy did was selfless but what really gets to me was Jay Jay appearing at the house for the dad’s birthday.

Maybe I am not a hard guy after all, lol.

Anyway my all time favourite Telco ad was the Glo Suya Spot ad, then 4 meta is a metaphor and to get padi na good thing (both of Airtel)

Till tomorrow.


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