Day 38 of 365: Church, after a 365 day hiatus


Last time I went for physical service was 9th of February, 2020. That was a few weeks before the total lockdown in Lagos due to the pandemic we are currently facing. So I always turned to the Mixlr app to listen to sermon. I attend Covenant Nation formerly Covenant Christian Center, and it’s been my home since January 2016. I still attend the church I was raised in once in a while though.

Apparently one of my brothers made me a fan of Pastor Poju Oyemade, the Senior Pastor of the church. It was on the 1st of May, 2015 and we had just finished the remembrance service for our late dad. He kept looking at his watch. Someone now asked him if he had to be somewhere and his response was he wanted to get home before 9am because he wanted to watch Pastor Poju’s bi-annual program tagged The Platform. The Platform is a non-political program that holds on the 1st of May and 1st of October of every year. It features speakers from the highest levels of Nigeria’s leadership and some foreign leaders in global policy practice.

I didn’t read much meaning to it when my brother mentioned it, I just knew Messr Poju Oyemade was a Pastor, finish. Then one day I was flipping through channels on TV, boom my phone rang just when a rerun of The Platform was showing on the station I had stopped. Pastor Poju was speaking, I didn’t have to listen to him for 5 minutes before I made up my mind this is the person I want to listen to every Sunday morning.

Today’s service was great, as usual but what made it better than normal was the way Pastor Poju wrapped up the service. E sweet my belle, e totori me well well. He is a Liverpool fan and he said ” Myself and other Liverpool fans have conceded the Premier League title to Manchester City and Manchester United and that Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes is the best player in the league”.

I agree with the Fernandes bit of the gist but United to win the league? Not happening this season. That defense needs serious intervention.

Tomorrow is another day. CHEERS!!!


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