Day 37 of 365: Coin Master


This is a new addiction for me, maybe not new like that. I love the game even though it can be frustrating at times. It guides me in making some real life decisions. I think I started playing it in August, 2020 thanks to my friend Lamidizzle.

So she sent me a link because she needed spins and I am was wondering what she meant. Anyway I downloaded and I have been playing it ever since. The game is about gathering coins to build villages. So you cannot build another village until you finish up the one you supposedly currently reside in.

Essentially you need spins to win coins, raid another person’s village and rob them of their coins,  attack villages to get points or a chance to win spins. I won’t let out all the details, find out for yourself. You can sign up via Facebook.

So the only worry for me now is people who are friends with me on Facebook always harassing me for attacking their villages, hello its just a game and not that deep. Yes I understand it takes a while to build a village but hey someone has to attack it, its part of the fun.

It’s a fun game like I said earlier and I am not tired of it yet. So thanks Lamidizzle for introducing me to it.

Till I come your way again tomorrow. CHEERS!!!


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