Day 365 of 365: What a YEAR!!!


This is my last post of this year 2021 and I  probably might not be posting anytime soon. Yes, I won’t be posting an article a day come 2022. Not that I cannot achieve it, it is a piece of cake even. I am not just interested, but thanks to Tolu for the challenge of 2021. I thought it wasn’t going to be achievable and I was expecting to give up before the end of the first quarter of 2021.

What pushed me? Feedback did, I didn’t know people were following up until one day in March. I got messages from a few people asking why I didn’t post the previous day. There was no stopping me after those messages. I was able to deliver 347 posts in 2021. Again I missed out on 18 days because I was ill in the first 11 days of the year and for 7 days in March my website was down.

2021 was a good year if I say so myself, maybe I didn’t get all I wanted but I was healthy for most part of it, I didn’t starve and I had a roof over my head. I had fun on radio as always, I thought of the idea of a podcast and it came to life in less than 2 weeks of thinking about it. I had my football tournament, a host of my peeps got married, some gave birth and some even left the country for good.

I want to appreciate everyone who followed my posts this year, thank you for the motivation. This drove about 10000 views to the daily writing series I embarked on.

Happy New Year everyone, may 2022 be a great year for all of US.




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