Day 363 of 365: Today, December 29th


Day 363 of 365: December 29th

I never ever know how this day will pan out every other year, but this morning my niece Fifi buzzed me. It was 7.21 am, she said Happy Birthday Uncle Dipo and GOD Bless you. Then she went on to say what are we doing today. It was strange to hear that, because all I was expecting to hear was Uncle Dipo please come over, I have a surprise for you. The surprise is usually we will make eba and okro for you.

I didnt know how it felt like celebrating a birthday because this time last year, I was half past dead. I was so ill my family and friends were dead worried about me. So today my phone was buzzing non stop that I was like is this how it felt being born. Last year was totally cancelled. I didnt respond to birthday messages up until the 3rd of January this year. We thank GOD for life.

Today, it was different. I told Fifi we would meet at the fish place and she was like what time. I didnt expect her to probe further. I told her after work so she could free me. My plan for the day was after work just go home and knock down a few bottles of beer. I didnt know when I started telling people that we would  be hanging out at the usual December 29th spot in Yaba,  the fish spot Fifi talked about. Anyway whatever I thought, the Usual Suspects and Fifi were having none of it.

So friends, family particularly Fifi and I hung out at the said Fish Place. And it was fun, mad fun.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes

It was a great day.



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