Day 36 of 365: Spies Like Us


Video clubs were a thing in the past, a time when Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) were the devices used to watch movies. For me I always had to wait for the holiday season before I could watch movies because my brothers were all in boarding school at the time, well except for the Cassettes bought by my parents which were usually those that preached the gospel and maybe some cartoons for me.

One time, my brothers came home and it was a movie filled holiday as always. Then the final weekend before they returned to school the boys borrowed a few movies on Friday precisely to be returned the next day.

They were returning to school on Sunday and video clubs didn’t open on Sundays or let me say the one we used didn’t . We had seen all the movies borrowed except one and as we were watching the last one titled ‘Spies Like Us’ on Saturday afternoon the power company struck.

Time was going and the movie was to be returned that day. It didn’t happen, the movie was stuck in the VCR though others were returned that day. The boys went to school the next day, we even completed the movie before they left the house.

Now who was going to return the movie? Definitely not my mum or my dad, they didn’t even know about it. I was about 5 years old and clearly wasn’t going to Adeniran Ogunsanya from Salawu Street in Surulere on my own.

I can say Spies Like Us is the movie I have seen the most in my life. I clearly didn’t understand the dialogue but a movie in comedy genre will always portray some mannerisms or gestures that can make one laugh. I saw it almost everyday for almost 3 months.

Spies Like Us stars Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. I think I should look for it and watch now that I understand small English.

Happy birthday to my nephew.

Till tomorrow. CIAO!!!


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