Day 349 of 365: Instinct!!!


I used to think that people just bandied the word instinct about. I am an avid believer of what will be will be or if it happens it jolly well happened because it was meant to. Two things happened in 2016, one was a car accident I could have avoided if I had listened to my instinct when sleep where you are kept ringing in my head. It happened and I didn’t take the blame for not listening to myself.

The second one is the one I truly regret but that is a story for another day. Why am I talking instinct today? So my guy Ope Cole mentioned one day that he should have listened to his instinct before taking a particular action and I was like you believe in such a thing. Anyway since that day I have been consciously taking classes from Brother Instinct.

For example, I wanted to ask someone for a favour but my mind kept pricking me not to bother that the person wouldn’t be available on the said day I needed him. I was right, someone close to him told me he would be having an event. Yes, you can say it’s a coincidence or call it premonition but hey it sha happened.



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