Day 344 of 365: Wura Fadaka


I always say the brothers play a huge part of my existence. My music influences were from them, my love for sports particularly football was something I picked up from them to mention a couple even though the parents and their parents were sportspeople too. So yesterday I was thinking of  what album I would listen to next on Spotify after getting tired of the best of DMX I started the week with.

I heard someone say in Yoruba; gbogbo oun ti o dan ko ni wura (All is no gold that glitters). And the Wura stuck. I remembered one local band Big Doz used to listen to back in the day. They were/are called Wura Fadaka Band. Doz listened to their Authentic Sound of Lagos Volume 1 album so much it grew on me.

I was worried it wouldn’t be on Spotify as I am still looking for Plantashun Boys’ Body and Soul album till date on the app. To my greatest surprise,  I found Wura Fadaka and I have been listening to it all day.



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