Day 34 of 365: My top 10 Nelly songs


So I listened to Nelly’s albums for most part of the day. I Listened to 3 of his albums and if you consider Sweat and Suit as 1 each then you can say I listened to 4 of his albums.

Nelly used to be amongst my top 3 favourite artists in the early 2000s. It was DMX, Eminem and Nelly till Jay Z blew me away with The Black Album, not that I wasn’t a Jay Z fan but Black Album made me go back to listen to his past records all over again and he went past every rapper I have ever liked to being my favourite.

Back to Nelly, I listened to; Country Grammar, Nellyville, Sweat and Suit and my 10 favourite songs from these albums were:

1. Luven Me

2. E.I

3. Never let them see you sweat ft The Teamsters

4. Greed, Hate , Envy

5. Steal the show ft St. Lunatics

6. Country Grammar

7. Airforce Ones ft St. Lunatics

8. Roc the Mic (Remix) ft Beanie Siegel, Freeway and Murphy Lee

9. CG 2 ft Kyjuan and Murphy Lee

10. Over and Over ft Tim McGraw

There you have it. I didn’t consciously listen to Nelly’s other albums (Brass Knuckles,  5.0 and M.O). I am sure you can’t wait to see my top 10 Jay Z songs, I also can’t. Lol.

Link up tomorrow.CHEERS!!!


  1. Country Grammar was an album I so much liked, 21yrs after n still feels as if he sang it ytday n I kept re-buying d CD during OSU days, (esp my year 1) but now its on my lappy, phone n every whr I go, make u come use correct ear piece listen to *Neva let ’em c u sweat and luven me*

    It was quite a piece

    • Yes o, that was an album and a half. You will see most of the songs on the list were from Country Grammar. Thanks for reading.


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