Day 326 of 365: R.I.P SESAN!!!


We met sometimes in 2005 back in Olabisi Onabanjo University, we were not particularly friends at first. I didn’t even know yourself and our other guy Hollams 101 noticed I stayed in the area. There was a water drought one day in town and they had a well which still had water. Obviously, they had to protect the little water they had so people that stopped by to try and get water from them were turned back or told no water. 

I walked past in my Manchester United jersey about 7am (I had a lecture for 8am). I didnt even stop at theirs, I just kept moving. A not so loud voice kept saying Man U come fetch water and when I looked back it was Sesan. On getting to where the well was Hollams was like this guy go be better person. Thanks to my Manchester United jersey I was able to get water for myself and my cousin Baby Joe that morning.

My friendship with Sesan started that day, afterwards we watched football together, he introduced me to his friends and he met Stan and Sao Paolo who were my guys. We played scrabble, he annoyed me during our final year exams by always waking me up to read at midnight. I am always like dude I don’t read at night and he would be like this is 400 level you need to study and avoid an extra year.

Sesan was a friend and a brother to me in more ways than one. I am glad our paths crossed, you hardly forgot a thing whenever I mentioned it to you. Your request of me stopping booze is under serious consideration.

Rest in peace my dear friend, I pray the good LORD grant you eternal rest. Much love from here.




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