Day 323 of 365: The Little Things


For some of us, very little things make us tick. As little as a call from my nieces or nephews, a reminder from Elizabeth that Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is being shown on cable, being valued and I can go on. So today one of my big brothers; Sir Greg buzzed me on Instagram and when I saw the notification I made mental note of responding as soon as I got back to the office from an official assignment.

Boom I opened the message and it was a video of DJ Jimmy Jatt with the Trybesmen in virtual session. Jimmy Jatt was scratching on Trybesmen’s Shake Bodi tune whilst the Trybesmen were singing along. It was super cool, I saw it like 6 times straight.

To watch click Trybesmen were a big deal in the late 90s. They were a hiphop trio comprising of eLDee the Don, Freestyle tha Shogun and Kaboom tha Detonator.

The takeaway for me is not that I was remembered but someone recollected how much I loved Trybesmen. It is the Little Things for me, but I wouldn’t mind a heavy CREDIT ALERT, lol. GOD Bless Sir Greg.



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