Day 322 of 365: The Best Written Book


I am not a heavy reader but I have read some books, a whole lot by my standard. Fictions and biographies are favourite genres. I thought the best book I had read was Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography. I mean we are talking about football’s best manager ever, but Roy Keane’s book knocked his former boss’ own off its perch.

Roy Keane’s The Second Half is the best-written book ever. I don’t think I have read a memoir better than this. He was forthright, he cursed and it was put in print. Not that I like cursing but being able to feel the emotion he was going or went through made it more relatable. It felt raw, scary and dangerous but it was the TRUTH. Again I could relate with what he went through, particularly the betrayal and the willingness to always stand for what is right or what he thought was right and how he was often misunderstood.

Roy Keane never minced words and it is why I liked his book and even loved him as a player. He was a great guy.



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