Day 301 of 365: Labadi Beach


On day 275 I wrote that I’d missed going to the beach. So I went to the beach with friends (old friends and new friends) the day after Bimbi’s wedding in Ghana. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it because I wanted to sleep or at least lay down and rest. It has been one late night cruise night after another with us hardly getting any sleep.

I eventually caved in, because really we were there to enjoy ourselves. We still had enough booze to throw another party so we just stopped at one of the food courts at the Accra Mall to get something to munch on. We settled for Buckets of Chicken and Pizza.

Labadi was the name of the beach. We had a few people already there waiting and some people came to join us later. At about 8 pm I went to catch some sleep in the car. I was damn tired. I slept for about 45 minutes, joined the guys again before some of us eventually left at about 9.30 pm.

If I ever go to Accra again, I will visit Labadi Beach. It was a fun place despite me being on my chair most of the time.



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