Day 287 of 365: I feel like picking up a COURSE!!!


Over the last 3 weeks, I have been thinking of taking up a course. I don’t know why this thought has been creeping up, maybe I should just watch it slide as other thoughts before it have done. I am not a reading kinda guy, I prefer practical learning.

Anyway, a Post Graduate Degree in Mass Communication (Pan African University but too expensive, lol) or a Professional Freelance Journalism Course (British College of Journalism and it is online) is the two programs currently haunting me. I am sure the thought will fizzle out in a bit. I also won’t say no to the Orange Academy experience (Orange Copy and Content Department) though. This one is even cheap.

And if GOD touches any one of you to bless me with paying my tuition I won’t let you down, lol.

PS: December 29 isn’t far and I am open to receiving birthday gifts from now. LOL.



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