Day 28 of 365: Taking Injections


I used to be really afraid of injections as a child, I am sure a lot of us were. All that changed when I was 8 years old. I had burns. Now I don’t even flinch when a doctor or nurse injects me and it was all because of a little girl. She nearly moved me to tears.

So this girl was admitted in the female wing but in the same ward as myself, she was about 2 years old. Very cute and on extremely low cut. She was brought in for some issues on her throat and I think it affected her breathing. Prior to getting her on drips they didn’t find any vein on her body. I mean nowhere around her body and the next option was to find one on her head. No I didn’t witness it live but keep reading.

She was on low cut so it was easy to trace a vein and they found one. Yes they passed the drip through her heard, I could hear her scream while all this was happening. I am a sucker for kids and as an 8 year old at the time, I knew kids would be my weakness. I can’t stand to see them cry but hey its part of life.

The next day I saw the little girl running up and down with a cannula on her head. I was shocked, now I wanted to ask questions from one of the nurses but I kept quiet till my mum brought my lunch, yes eba and okro as you guessed. Fortunately the little girl ran past and I pointed at her signalling to my mum. She saw her and asked me why I was pointing at the little girl. I asked why she had that on her head and mum said it most likely because they didn’t find a vein on her body so they had to poke her head. I cannot remember what I uttered, it could have been thank GOD they found a vein on my wrist or wherever they passed my drips through.

I now understood why she was screaming the previous night. Next day she was already running all over the place like nothing happened.

I honestly used to cry taking injections but after that day I probably never know when I am being poked, I just take my mind off it. One of the most memorable injections I have taken has to be the one given to me on my stomach. I was laughing as the nurse was poking me.

I still know some adults who are scared of taking injections, I won’t name names. Lol.

O di Ola. IRE O!!!


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