Day 268 of 365: I have finally forgiven Uncle Nnaemeka


When I was in Primary School I wasn’t a fan of after school lessons. I had this routine in Primary 5. After classes wrapped up for the day we had about an hour break then started lessons as we called them. Then after lessons, I had another lesson between 4pm and 6pm before heading home. Strictly Mathematics and English classes. We called the teacher Uncle Nnaemeka.

Uncle Nnaemeka was scary, I mean he scared the living hell out of me. He flogged with wires. I am one to hardly get beat by a teacher in school except it was collective beating as in everybody in the class was going to get beaten, then there is no escaping that.

He beat me once with that wire, I think it was like day 2 of my starting the lesson. I didn’t submit an assignment he gave us early enough. It was painful and what made it more painful was I just got news that one of my favourite persons had died, rest on Aunt Yetunde.

That man scarred me so much that whenever I passed Onike Road where his house (where the lesson held) was I got scared. Today I passed and I didn’t flinch.




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