Day 26 of 365: Pet Peeve (One of Many)

Source: Legends of Windemere

I am sure we all have pet peeves, yeah we are human it’s normal. I have quite a number and today’s post is one that easily comes to mind, maybe because it is football related. So yeah boys/men have football teams they support, be it Liverpool, Arsenal or Barcelona. You see I mentioned teams I don’t like so I don’t get the stick for being biased.

One time back in Uni, I met this girl and the only reason we engaged in a conversation was because she wore a Manchester United jersey that evening. I was actually dared to go speak to her as she was sitting alone at the bar having a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. I found out she supported Manchester United because her boyfriend was a fan. After those words, I excused myself and just walked back to my seat.

Fast forward to the next session, and this same lady was sporting a Chelsea jersey, I was shocked she even recognised me that day on campus. I asked what’s up its Chelsea you support now? She said yes giving same reason that her new boyfriend was a Chelsea fan.

I am not saying you shouldn’t support whatever team you like, but I think it should be a voluntary thing not because my boyfriend or my husband is a fan but on the flip side maybe because they are not really into the sport and want to give their partners moral support or the jerseys are fine.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the final analysis it always irks me to hear I support this team because of my man.

What’s your PET PEEVE???





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