Day 245 of 365: 11 Nigerian TV series I’d love a RERUN of


Last week I wrote about Checkmate which is high up there when it comes to my favourite Nigerian TV series. I don’t entirely regret not watching others but I had this sentimental attachment when it came to Checkmate.

There were some series that had aired before I was born or even before I could spell my name but the way my uncles and aunts talked about them made it seem like they are the best things since sliced bread.

<span;>Here are 11 series I would love a rerun of so I can binge watch:

1. Village Headmaster
2. Third Eye
3. Behind the Clouds
4. Cock crow at dawn
5. Palace
6. Fortune
7. Things Fall Apart
8. Ripples
9. Basi and Company
10. Samanja
11. New Masquerade

I think there should be like a channel for these classics but I doubt if anyone still has the masters of these series.



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