Day 243 of 365: She eats her meat FIRST!!!


I have this very dear friend, very correct babe. Gosh, I kinda miss her right now. We were already friends for a few months before I noticed this strange thing about her. Whenever she ate out or in a public space she always ate the meat/chicken/turkey or what have you served with her meal first. I noticed it a few times, but trust yours truly I only speak when spoken to.

So one day we were at a party where we had mutual friends, that’s how she did her thing. She ate the chicken they served her before eating the rice. She looked at me and said how come you never ask why I always eat my meat first. I responded saying I didnt want to seem to forward. She eventually gave me the reason.

She said one day she was eating at the dining table at her home and she was saving her meat for after her meal. You know when they say saving the best for last? Yes thats it. One of her aunties came visiting at the moment she was about to put the last spoon of rice in her mouth. As she was chewing on the rice, her aunt picked her meat and threw it her mouth. My friend couldn’t CRY.



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