Day 241 of 365: I played football today


I got a call at about 9 am this morning. I was still trying to catch some sleep after listening to Pastor Poju’s sermon. Yes, I attend The Covenant Nation (TCN) whenever I get to go to church. Anyway, the call was from my guy SO, he asked me to come and join him and his guys around his area on the football pitch. I was going to throw in an excuse but it didn’t work.

I got there, kitted up and the set started. I didn’t have to be told I was rusty and would gas out. The beautiful thing about the lads there was that they understood. It was quite interesting and I missed chances to score, a lot of chances by the way but my teammates still kept trusting me with the ball. I zeroed my mind that it wasn’t my day. SO was having a good time though, darting into our half whenever he chose to. He scored a few goals too.

I decided to go play from the defence, and after a few minutes SO handled the ball in front of his goal and we were awarded a penalty. My teamates asked that I took it and I said no because I had lost chances in front of a goal. How would I score from a distance? They said it didn’t matter and that I should play it.

The penalty was to be played from the end of the other post, it wasn’t much of a distance but I wasn’t confident still.

I eventually played it and scored, it was my only goal of the 10 my team scored in our 10:9 win. I had to step out when scores were 5:3, against us though. I slipped and landed on my left arm. The pain was intense (still feeling it).

In all, it was a good session.




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