Day 24 of 365: Road Trip

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Pre-2010 I always shied away from road trips, as a matter of fact these days if I am not in the car with people I can conveniently chat with I tend to switch off or grab my phone and see what’s happening on Social Media. I occasionally read a book, basically just keep myself busy one way or the other.

I always looked forward to the yearly Easter retreat with my colleagues but Covid-19 happened last year so it didn’t happen. The last 3 have been trips to Abeokuta and it was fun.

My favourite road trip ever however has been the longest one, it was when I was running my Master’s Degree. I didn’t mind, it is not every time you will get a free pass to watch your favourite football club. It’s Manchester United I am talking about just in case you didn’t know. So I just got back from lectures and my brother was like my cousin who was initially supposed to go on the trip with them wouldn’t be able to make it so I would be going with himself, his wife and his friend who was going to drive. Yes I am going to the best City in the world to watch my beloved Manchester United. We were leaving Aberdeen, Scotland for Manchester, England.

It was a trip that would take over 7 hours but I didn’t mind, the longest I had done before then was a trip to Ondo from Lagos and I honestly don’t know how long it took. My sister-in-law had prepared for the trip arranging a lot of goodies for us to munch on and drink.

The 16th of October, 2010 was my first time in Manchester (and only time so far). Manchester United played West Bromwich Albion on the day, though it ended 2:2, the experience is one I will never forget.

The return to Aberdeen was even more interesting than the trip to Manchester. We didn’t want to get Manchester late and miss part of the game. On our way back to Aberdeen we explored a little stopping by at Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I have gone on a lot of road trips after this and it’s always quite interesting. I recommend you go for Road Trips once or twice a year at the minimum.

Shout out to Manchester United, they beat perennial rivals Liverpool to book a place in the Emirates FA Cup round of 16. The tie ended 3:2 with Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and substitute Bruno Fernandes scoring for United while Mohammed Salah bagged both goals for the Kops.

Bruno Fernandes celebrating his goal that sealed the tie for Manchester United against Liverpool. Source: CBS Sports

Till tomorrow. CHEERS!!!


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