Day 238 of 365: Checkmate, A Throw Back (1)


Growing up I wasn’t one to be forced to go to bed as I particularly loved sleep. GOD I long for the moment when sleep won’t elude me like back in the day. I didn’t watch Behind the Clouds much as it was aired on Sunday nights by 8pm.

I’d rather get an extra hour of  sleep than stay up. There were some other Nigerian series I passed on because I chose sleep over them. Series like Supple Blues, Ripples and Basi and Company. I occasionally saw these series though, during the holidays.

Checkmate was however an exception. I saw Checkmate every Thursday when it aired at 8 pm not minding there was school the next day. Checkmate was a favourite because, one I had a huge crush on Ego Boyo (Anne Haatrope), one of the characters on the program. I still have a crush on her and would love an autograph.

Another reason why Checkmate was top billing for me was some scenes were shot at the University of Lagos where my Primary School was situated. I went to Staff School. I happened to have met Akpan (I can’t remember his real name now), the guy that was forced to join a bad gang.

The series aired for about 3 years.



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