Day 226 of 365: Memory Loss


I was about going to get a bite this morning. I got into the car and turned the ignition and all the lights on the dashboard came on. I tried to move the car and it jerked and I realised when I hit the accelerator it was moving at a very slow pace. I was worried as I should, turned of the engine and waited for a bit before starting the car again. Same thing happened.

I got out of the car after turning off the engine and decided to take a bike to where I wanted to get food. I was farmished so there was no reneging on going to get something to eat. Got back home 30 minutes later to devour my meal after which I placed a call to my mechanic to explain the issue.

After explaining to him, he said the car was fine and that it just lost its memory. I bursted out in laughter. Memory Loss? A car? Anyway he asked me to go and try it again that it would have regained its memory. I laughed all the way to the car. He was right, the car was fine but I didn’t bother driving it when I went for my radio program.



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