Day 222 of 365: Messi heads to Farmers League


Lionel Messi, arguably football’s best player officially parted ways with Barcelona FC a few days ago. It was always going to happen but not the way it did. I honestly thought he would be a Barcelona player till he was 38 and then head to Newell Old Boys back in his homeland Argentina up until a few weeks ago when someone annoyed me and said Messi will be a Barca player for life and nothing will change that.

Well, Messi is no longer a Barcelona player. The La Liga as an organisation will suffer for it let alone Barcelona the team he played for. The numbers in terms of viewership of the Spanish League will surely decrease by a whole lot because Lionel Messi is out, the numbers were affected when Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, I have a feeling it will be worse with Messi’s departure.

Barcelona is flat broke, no sugar coating it. Messi took a 50% pay cut to stay but the club still couldn’t afford to pay him. They have not been able to even register the new players they bought for the new season. That’s that as far as that is concerned. The end of an era? Yes and not even at Barcelona alone but the La Liga as a whole.

Messi has signed for P.S.G in a £25m/year deal for 2 years with an option for an additional year. Rumor also has it that the Argentine will be pocketing £25m as sign on fee. He would also be donning the jersey number 30 for the Parisiens. I don’t know how true but it was also said that Neymar offered to give him his number 10 but he declined. Number 30 was what he started his professional career with so it has some sort of significance.

Football’s supposed Greatest of All Times is heading to the Farmers League and it is official.



Image Source: Bleacher Report(BR)


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