Day 213 of 365: Warren G


It is day 213 and I just had to dedicate it to one of my favourite artists ever; Warren G. I love him so much and a few friends even called me Warren D/Warren Dips back in Secondary School especially because his biggest song Regulate off the album with the same title was my favourite for years. I knew (still know) the entire lyrics.¬† Regulate is on my list of top ten best songs ever, if it’s not number 1 even.

Born Warren Griffin, in November 1970 in Long Beach, California. Warren is half brothers with legendary music producer Andre Young aka Dr Dre. Dre taught Warren G how to make music particularly the use of a drum machine. Warren Griffin adopted the Warren G nickname in tribute to the 29th President of the United States Warren G. Harding.

So why am I writing about Warren G, apart from him being one of my favourite Emcees, he started the music group 213 and this is day 213 of my daily writing series and 213th day of the year. He started the group with the late Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg.

Warren G featured Nate Dogg in Regulate, another Warren G and Nate Dogg song that I love is Nobody Does it Better. However shout out to my brothers Big Doz and Big Yomz, they made me know Warren G.

I rep 213.



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